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  • Casting Calls

    Most large events require a full staff of  actors, stage hands, decorators, box office tellers, ticket takers, ushers, hostesses, paparazzi, impersonators and taxi dancers.   Most of these positions are filled with volunteers who are chosen for their positions at a Casting Call.  Casting Calls are announced in the Swing Dance News.  The reward for volunteering during the big event is to be a part of what makes it fun, and the staff also receives additional passes to great weekly events.

  • New Dancer?

    We love to dance and enjoy great music with fun people in a party atmosphere.  Some of us took a long time to decide to take dance lessons and some of us jumped right in, but we all started at the same place.  We all know what it was like.  The hardest part is to decide to begin, and it won't take long to start honing your skills.  All our beginner lessons are FREE.  You may bring a partner, but no partner is required.


    Swing Dance events are positive, fun and friendly with great music from the best swing djs, exceptional dance instructors, and incredible live bands.  Most events are not expensive, and each has willing dance partners who love to dance.

  • Dance Workshops

    Workshops are designed to help improve on the basics and expand your dancing skills.  If you are entirely new to dancing or to swing dancing you can get a good grasp of the basics each Sunday in the FREE Classes from 6-8 PM leading up to the Sunday of the workshop. Workshops are announced first on Swing Dance News.