The Sugar Palm
December 31, 1997 thru April 3, 1999

Chapter Eight by Frank Katzenmeyer

     One of the festivals we did was in the old Curtis Hixon Park downtown Tampa. About a dozen of us met at the club early in the evening to socialize and dance a little. We then made three trips in the Sugar Palm Limo, driving right into the middle of the park dressed in our glad rags and dancing to the band of  "Denise Moore and then Some."  This gave us an opportunity to hand out flyers to the crowd  for promoting the club; after dancing. 

     Photos were being taken on a regular basis at the club; so small 3x5 frames were available with the Sugar Palm Club Logo on them. They proved to be popular.  

-Sugar Palm Souvenir Picture Frame-

     Ybor is known for its Night Parades. The Mama Guava Stumble, later to be named Guavaween was held on a Saturday Night close to regular Halloween each year. The Club paid its entry fee and  the guys and gals pitched  in to decorate and to place railings around the edge of the low ground long flat bed, furnished by Stepps Towing.  The railings were in place for safety reasons by the parade committee. We needed a  theme, Why not Gangsters and Roaring 20's I suggested, after all our dress and car were close to that already.  Mack was a collector of guns and  that problem was solved. A generator was on board for the band (Dan Electro and Silvertones) and the lightning. Mack, Roxie, and I had shoulder holsters on.  Connie had a derringer strapped to her ankle, and Debra held a toy tommy gun while standing on the running board. Mack and Roxie stood on the back bumper. Connie and I sat on the front fenders on each side. About a dozen Sugar Palm Swingsters led the Parade dancing along on the street. Connie and I on the car were next. Then the float. There was several feet between each portion from a safety stand point. If the parade came to a pause it was time to jump from the float and go to the parade watchers and place beads around necks, a great way for hugs and kisses.

-Sugar Palm Limo Roxie, Connie, Debbie, Me, Mack-

-Chics and Daddy Os at the Entrance of Sugar Palm -

-Tim and Carmen-

-Sugar Palm Float-


     Tiffany and Liz were our  " MUDFLAP "  girls. ( Semi trucks have large mud flaps with silhouettes of girls on them " They emerged from the back office to sit on the rear of the flat bed. spray painted silver head to toe, with only their underwear under the paint. Needless to say, they were a huge hit. The Parade started at 21st.street , around the corner and east on 7th Ave. When we got back to the club we danced on the sidewalk for a few minutes for the passerby and photo opps. Later that evening upstairs, Taylor gave us the good news. The Sugar Palm won first prize of $1000.00 for the Club.   

-Sugar Palm Article-

                                                                              To be continued... 

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