The Sugar Palm
December 31, 1997 thru April 3, 1999

Chapter Four by Frank Katzenmeyer

As time went on physical changes were done. Taylor and Connie made heavy elegant drapes which were hung to the side of the stage.  The huge bar was cut in half and pushed to the wall to give more seating and a better view of the dance floor. The candles on the tables were replaced by small battery operated lamps/with shades.

-Deep Conversation-

The single railed bar one step up from the dance floor proved to be a popular spot for the un-escorated ladies. The clubs main nights were Fridays and Saturdays. Usually the bands were booked for both nights. After all some traveled a long way.  Then the following week another one played.

-Denise Moore-

                    Sam, an experienced bar manager, was hired. He brought the service up to its peek, and was popular with everyone.

-After Hours-

                    Various themes were tried. On Wednesdays College nights were tried. Drinkers not dancers didn't work. Then Gay nights on Wednesdays.  Didn't work either. Thursday nights were short lived with Argentina Tango. Sunday afternoon Tea Dances were held, and not successful. The facts were clear; it was an elegant Swing Club. Sunday Evenings turned out great with a place to go for the teens.  Mostly were DJ nights; however Combos, three members, sometimes were hired. They liked this, to be up close to the band in a venue like this.

-Carmen and Tim-

                     There were church buses that brought the young swingsters, as well as parents dropping them off; all assured they would not be allowed to leave the building until picked up. Many parents stayed to join the fun. I got to know many families that way,

                      Swing Venues were opening up all over the Bay Area from Ybor to the Gulf Beaches.  Local Bands were trying to change their music and more being formed. Few polished enough for the Sugar Palm

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