The Sugar Palm
December 31, 1997 thru April 3, 1999

The Final Chapter - Chapter Twelve by Frank Katzenmeyer

     The final weekend was bittersweet. "Bombed Out Cat" was finally polished enough (and very much deserved) to be on stage. With their new singer, Ally, (up from Texas) fronting the band, they were dressed to perfection and sounded great.


     After their performance, they had a great following; playing The Bay Area, East Coast, Key West, and MGM in Las Vegas. Ally and Jack (guitarist) are cousins. Jack now plays with The Starship Yacht Band at Channelside. Ally sings with the Venturas. Billy and the other guys have been successful in their new gigs, some in Las Vegas and others in NYC.

-Bombed Out Cat-

     Saturday April 3, 1999, closing night. Most nights were packed and this one even more so, I met people who were there for the first time, making the usual comment, I wish I had come before.

-A Sugar Palm Night-

     Dan Electro and The Silvertones took to the stage for their final time. The Memory Book was being signed Hugs, Kisses, Handshakes, and Tears were plentiful. Speeches were given and stories told.

     Liz had plans to go to Nashville and Tiffany to Atlanta to seek their careers. Holly is now in NYC designing her own Ladies Apparel. Jolee is at La France with her expertise on vintage fashions. Super Joe still is in Tampa, but has had extra parts in movies and has done stand up comedy.

     Some of us are still on the scene; keeping the movement alive, with new people coming and going. Most I have lost track of, but I wish all well. And God bless the ones who are now in their Eternal Life.

     As I descended the stairs for the final time, Marianne, my date said " Frank, this is the best thing that could have happened to you at this time in your life."  I nodded my head in agreement.

     The Sugar Palm Limo stood alone across the street like a "Jilted Bride left at the Altar" My good friend Jim Webb, took this final picture.

-47 Chevy Limo-

     When the lights went out for the final time "Glamour was gone from the Bay Area Night Life."

-Taylor and me-



The building is now owned and operated by The Hillsborough Community College The Sugar Palm Limo was sold.

The Jazz Cellar closed and the building stands vacant.

My Thanks to Carson for encouraging me to write My Memoirs; and above all to Barbara, Bob, and Taylor. If it wasn't for them Swing may not have been; and still in Tampa Bay.


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