The Sugar Palm
December 31, 1997 thru April 3, 1999

Chapter Eleven by Frank Katzenmeyer

     Tiffany, went from a Ybor street kid to a lovely young lady and definitely a Sugar Palm Chic. She knew how to dress, apply her makeup, and fix her hair in the 40's tradition. We danced a lot and did the Intermission Shows several times. She developed the Marilyn Monroe style singing Happy Birthday for special occasions, in the style of Marilyn when she sang to President Kennedy.

     Valentine's Day was celebrated on Saturday February 13, 1999.  It was advertised as SWEETHEARTS DANCE and Tim and Carmen were used in the advertising. General Admission was $20.00 with champagne and hors d'oeuvres.  A lot of non-regulars were there that were not normally on the Club Scene. They could not have picked a better venue. Michael Andrews and Swingerhead were playing. I am sure that it was better than the traditional Whitman's Sampler of chocolates.

-Tim and Carmen-

-Valentines Postcard-

     The Month of February is always State Fair and Gasparilla in Tampa. Ybor has one of the best night parades in the country. Again the Club paid its entrance fee and we got our float ready, once again with Dan Electro and The Silvertones playing. There were over 200 entrees and we were way down on the list. It was extremely cold that night, close to freezing. We were lined up at the old Channelside; the Aquarium and Pier was there, but none of the retail and restaurants that now adorn the area. The Parade started there, proceeded up Nuccio Parkway and East on 7th Avenue to 21st. St. As we waited for over an hour for our turn we were all cold and feet almost num. We would huddle in the car from time to time for warmth. I gave Angel an extra sweater I had brought. I especially felt sorry for Chris who was our Mud Flap girl.

-Taylor on board the Sugar Palm Float-

     The Parade finally got moving and headed toward 7th. The cold never seems to bother the crowd. They are there to load up with beads. I heard "Frank Frank" coming from the crowd, then "Grand-pap Grand-pap." A very nice surprise from my two Granddaughters Marlin and Rachel. I got off the car and draped them with beads and some hugs.

-Gasparilla 1999

     The end was near and we wanted to get back to the warm Club. We did not win a prize, but had fun and continued the party upstairs.

-Kris and Dave-

     The St. Patrick's Day Parade we were in was the same concept but in Green and White. It was successful, but shorter and warmer.

-Sugar Palm-

     The last week in March I got to the club early, as usual. We heard the dreaded news. The Club was closing the following week.

                                                                              To be continued...

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